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7:10AM--Woke up. Fed the animals, made breakfast (actually re-heated it: we had pancakes for supper last night, and there were plenty of leftovers this morning). After breakfast we watched the news, sort of. We aren't getting "Good Morning America" or any other ABC shows right now, since they are in negotiation with DISH. We actually kind of flipped around. I don't care much for the news teams on the other networks, and neither does the DH. Anyway, we cut it off before it was over, and I checked the bank to make sure our Social Security checks had been deposited overnight (of course they had, but I always check anyhow). Then I checked my emails.

8:55--Got dressed, made the bed; washed the breakfast dishes and started the laundry, while the DH swept and mopped the house. Then the DH got out the bills and we settled in to get them paid. We pretty much always do those together--although he usually is the one to actually do the payments that have to be done on computer or by phone. But we check each other on the math and to make sure all the bills are included.

9:50--The DH went to pick up our son so he can help his dad bring home a nice glider we had on reserve at Atwoods; it had been on clearance, and they had held it for us until we could pay for it today. While they were gone, I worked on some seasonal polymer clay pieces I could take up to Braum's to sell to my co-workers. I had sold many of them Friday, so I wanted to make more to show some who were not there at the time.

2017 spring jewelry 1

The first row in the foreground is what I made today: Three pendants using white/pastel marbled clay, with little roses on them, and two pins with a unicorn. The upper rows were made last week--more unicorns. I made the mold for the unicorn cameo myself from a small jewelry box I have. Above that are the bunny pins (I also made a mold of the bunny face from a cheap toy ring) and some earrings. The eggs are decoupage or painted. I used plain white plastic eggs for those. The plastic wasn't slick like most are, but had a natural feeling finish to them.

10:30--The guys brought the glider home, and then spent some time clearing out some shrubbery where it's going to be located. I kept working on my clay while they did that.

Around noon they were done with the trimming and moving of things, so I asked if they wanted lunch, but my son had to go home, so the DH took him home and then came back quickly. (Our son only lives about 10 minutes away.) I had a sandwich and cottage cheese for lunch, and the DH heated up some leftover tuna casserole from earlier this week. We watched an episode of "Property Brothers" while we ate.

2:00--I washed up the lunch dishes, switched over some laundry and folded some clean clothes. I also finished up putting the findings on my jewelry since it had cooled from the oven.

3:15--We went out to pay a couple of bills and stop at Braums so I could show R. (a co-worker) and a few other folks the new stuff, and I could also pick a few groceries. First we dropped off the bills we were mailing, then paid the utility bill at town hall. From there we went to drop off the payment at a local furniture store (we always pay that in person because we like to talk to the owners). I went in at a nearby thrift store to look around, and then we headed to Braums. I picked up some ground beef for supper (sloppy joes tonight, and extra ground beef for tomorrow's supper), cheese, and a few other items. R. bought some of the stuff I'd brought with me--two of the bunny pins and one of the eggs.

5:00--We got home, and after putting everything away and switching the last load of laundry, I went to make supper. We ate around 6. We've been watching the evening BBC news on PBS, since we can't watch ABC right now.

6:30--I realized I needed to run up to the library. My printer's not working, and I am now the secretary for the Friends of the Library, and I needed to print out the minutes before tomorrow night's meeting (I am out of ink again on mine). Got there and back by a little after 7.

The DH had some show about buying an RV on, mostly for background, while he noodled around on his tablet, and I read some Harry Potter fanfic for a while. Then he went outside to sit on the porch, and I came over here to type up today's notes.

So, uploaded the pic, and finished this. I'll post tonight since I have to work tomorrow. Then off to bed (10PM or a wee bit after.) Good night! *waves*

ETA: *duh* Woke up this morning to the realization that I dated it for LAST month. Note title change in subject box. *facepalm*
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