Mar. 1st, 2017

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I went to the Ash Wednesday service tonight. It is always solemn and thoughtful, and I felt resolved when it was over.

Each year for Lent, I try to post something here each day that will be uplifting, joyful or thought-provoking.

The lyrics of one of the hymn we sang tonight seemed a very appropriate place to begin:

Sunday's Palms are Wednesday's Ashes

Sunday's palms are Wednesday's ashes
As another Lent begins
Thus we kneel before our Maker
In contrition for our sins
We have marred baptismal pledges
In rebellion gone astray
Now returning seek forgiveness
Grant us pardon God this day

We have failed to love our neighbors
Their offences to forgive
Have not listened to their troubles
Nor have cared just how they live
We are jealous proud impatient
Loving over much our things
May the yielding of our failings
Be our Lenten offerings

We are hasty to judge others
Blind to proof of human need
And our lack of understanding
Demonstrates our inner greed
We have wasted earth's resources
Want and suffering we've ignored
Come and cleanse us then restore us
Make new hearts within us Lord

-Rae E. Whitney-

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