Apr. 7th, 2017

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OK, I know that voice-posts from LJ don't import.

Now I am discovering that YouTube embeds don't seem to import either. I use a lot of those, so is there a trick to embedding here? I just use the embed option at YouTube under "share", so I did not think that was an LJ code.

I would like to post here more often, but I obviously am missing some information. Any help here?

ETA: Another question: the other day, it took about an hour to import of about two years worth of LJ posts. Last night I tried to import about two days worth, and it is still running this morning. I'm afraid to interrupt it, but if it's still running when I get home from work, I might have to.

Any suggestions?
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Linda Hoyland issued a challenge: http://lindahoyland.livejournal.com/851464.html?style=mine#comments

So here is my response!

Reubens challenge


It was a pleasant late afternoon, the rock wall on which Strawberry lay was warm and she was stretched out to her full length basking in the early summer sun. She was beginning to feel the least bit hungry, but not hungry enough to move from her prime spot.

"Good evening, Strawberry. You look like a very contented cat. Can you bear my company?" She opened her eyes to see her person standing beside her. He placed a soft hand on her head and she butted it firmly, letting him know she welcomed his attentions. He began to stroke her, and she purred loudly. He gave her a smile and she looked into his eyes and blinked slowly to show her affection. He boosted himself atop the wall, and she stirred herself to allow him to hold her.

Climbing onto his thighs, she kneaded them thoroughly, and then lay atop one of his arms--the one with a missing claw on its paw. With his other one he began to pet her again. Together they watched the sunset, until the stars appeared and light shone through the window behind them.

They were content, enjoying one another's company, until they heard footsteps coming. It was one of her other persons. "Mr. Frodo, it's getting late! Rosie's putting supper on the table." He glanced at Strawberry, and gave her a pat. His hand was not as soft but it was pleasantly warm.

Strawberry sat up at the interruption, and licked her paw twice, and then jumped down and ran off. She really was quite hungry now, and if her people were going in to supper, then there was likely a dish of cream by the kitchen door.

This was fun! I may issue my own challenge! And I hope some of you other cat persons will take her up her challenge too!

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