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7:10AM--Woke up. Fed the animals, made breakfast (actually re-heated it: we had pancakes for supper last night, and there were plenty of leftovers this morning). After breakfast we watched the news, sort of. We aren't getting "Good Morning America" or any other ABC shows right now, since they are in negotiation with DISH. We actually kind of flipped around. I don't care much for the news teams on the other networks, and neither does the DH. Anyway, we cut it off before it was over, and I checked the bank to make sure our Social Security checks had been deposited overnight (of course they had, but I always check anyhow). Then I checked my emails.

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Going to try crossposting here first for a change!

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April 12, 2017

7:10AM--Woke up. Fed the animals, made breakfast (actually re-heated it: we had pancakes for supper last night, and there were plenty of leftovers this morning). After breakfast we watched the news, sort of. We aren't getting "Good Morning America" or any other ABC shows right now, since they are in negotiation with DISH. We actually kind of flipped around. I don't care much for the news teams on the other networks, and neither does the DH. Anyway, we cut it off before it was over, and I checked the bank to make sure our Social Security checks had been deposited overnight (of course they had, but I always check anyhow). Then I checked my emails.

8:55--Got dressed, made the bed; washed the breakfast dishes and started the laundry, while the DH swept and mopped the house. Then the DH got out the bills and we settled in to get them paid. We pretty much always do those together--although he usually is the one to actually do the payments that have to be done on computer or by phone. But we check each other on the math and to make sure all the bills are included.

9:50--The DH went to pick up our son so he can help his dad bring home a nice glider we had on reserve at Atwoods; it had been on clearance, and they had held it for us until we could pay for it today. While they were gone, I worked on some seasonal polymer clay pieces I could take up to Braum's to sell to my co-workers. I had sold many of them Friday, so I wanted to make more to show some who were not there at the time.

2017 spring jewelry 1

The first row in the foreground is what I made today: Three pendants using white/pastel marbled clay, with little roses on them, and two pins with a unicorn. The upper rows were made last week--more unicorns. I made the mold for the unicorn cameo myself from a small jewelry box I have. Above that are the bunny pins (I also made a mold of the bunny face from a cheap toy ring) and some earrings. The eggs are decoupage or painted. I used plain white plastic eggs for those. The plastic wasn't slick like most are, but had a natural feeling finish to them.

10:30--The guys brought the glider home, and then spent some time clearing out some shrubbery where it's going to be located. I kept working on my clay while they did that.

Around noon they were done with the trimming and moving of things, so I asked if they wanted lunch, but my son had to go home, so the DH took him home and then came back quickly. (Our son only lives about 10 minutes away.) I had a sandwich and cottage cheese for lunch, and the DH heated up some leftover tuna casserole from earlier this week. We watched an episode of "Property Brothers" while we ate.

2:00--I washed up the lunch dishes, switched over some laundry and folded some clean clothes. I also finished up putting the findings on my jewelry since it had cooled from the oven.

3:15--We went out to pay a couple of bills and stop at Braums so I could show R. (a co-worker) and a few other folks the new stuff, and I could also pick a few groceries. First we dropped off the bills we were mailing, then paid the utility bill at town hall. From there we went to drop off the payment at a local furniture store (we always pay that in person because we like to talk to the owners). I went in at a nearby thrift store to look around, and then we headed to Braums. I picked up some ground beef for supper (sloppy joes tonight, and extra ground beef for tomorrow's supper), cheese, and a few other items. R. bought some of the stuff I'd brought with me--two of the bunny pins and one of the eggs.

5:00--We got home, and after putting everything away and switching the last load of laundry, I went to make supper. We ate around 6. We've been watching the evening BBC news on PBS, since we can't watch ABC right now.

6:30--I realized I needed to run up to the library. My printer's not working, and I am now the secretary for the Friends of the Library, and I needed to print out the minutes before tomorrow night's meeting (I am out of ink again on mine). Got there and back by a little after 7.

The DH had some show about buying an RV on, mostly for background, while he noodled around on his tablet, and I read some Harry Potter fanfic for a while. Then he went outside to sit on the porch, and I came over here to type up today's notes.

So, uploaded the pic, and finished this. I'll post tonight since I have to work tomorrow. Then off to bed (10PM or a wee bit after.) Good night!

ETA: *duh* Woke up this morning to the realization that I dated it for LAST month. Note title change in subject box. *facepalm*
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I totally missed out on January and February! But I'm back, now!

March 12, 2017

We woke up at 5AM today, since this is a work weekend for the DH. Got up, packed his lunch (prepared the evening before). Fed the cat while he took care of the dog. Made breakfast for him, but I wasn't in the mood for a cooked breakfast, and got myself some cereal instead. Losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time made me a bit more out of it than I usually am in the mornings. Read more... )
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(Cross-posted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday)

7:50--Woke up; let the dog out and fed the cat and dog; made breakfast (grits, maple sausage, poached eggs and toast. This past month we are trying a new thing--having our daily devotions after breakfast instead of after supper. So we ate at the dining room table and then had our devotions. Read more... )
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7:30AM--Woke up and got dressed to go out to breakfast. Read more... )
I'm also going to append my "five daily happy things" to this post.

1. Eating breakfast out. It's a lot of fun, and Boomerang has good food, and they play "Golden Oldies" from the 50s, 60s and early 70s.
2. Getting to see some of my customers that I rarely see when I am only working on the weekend. They all seem pleased to see me, and I enjoy talking to them, especially when they are only coming mostly one at a time. I think I only had a line twice today, and not more than three or four customers in the line. (On Sat. or Sun. it's not unusual for there to be seven or eight, and several lines through my shift.)
3. About 40 pounds of sweet potatoes as our total harvest. Many are small, but there are several that weigh between a half-pound to a pound each! They are going to be SO good this winter!
4. We got letters from Social Security explaining last week's post-adjust. Apparently they underestimated just what they owed us which is why the extra checks, and best of all--our usual payments will increase substantially as of next month.
5. Right now we are watching the most BEAUTIFUL nature documentary from the BBC: Enchanted Kingdom. It's a really gorgeous view of stunning scenery and animals, with uplifting joyous music--there are places where it reminds me of a live-action version of "The Lion King" with real animals. I HIGHLY recommend it! It just makes me so happy to just look at it--I could easily watch it over and over.

Lagniappe: A call from our son. He had lost his job in Stillwater, due to the owner (and his boss) retiring because of poor health. But he's moved back to Cushing, since he and his girlfriend have mended things between them, and has a new job here in town--at Boomerang! LOL!

We aren't quite ready for bed yet, but it won't be long, so I think I'm going to go ahead and post this anyway.
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(crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday

6AM--Woke up. The DH has an appointment at 8:30 to get his tires rotated and the oil changed at the dealer in Stillwater (Free tire rotation came with the tires when he bought them, and he has a coupon for oil change). I make breakfast (sausages and toast) and then we feed the pets, get dressed, clean up the kitchen, make the bed and tidy a few things up. We are out the door by 7:45.

First we stop and get gas in the car, and head on out. I brought my crocheting with me, so I work on it as we go.

8:15-- We get there a little early, and wait in the waiting room. I work on my crocheting, and we watch some news on the Olympics on the TV in the lobby. After a while my fingers get tired, so I put my blouse that I'm working on away and take out my iPad. The dealer has free WiFi, so I read a really well-done HP/Narnia crossover.

9:45-- They finished with the car, so we go to the Stillwater library. I browse the stacks for a while and find a few books to check out.

10:30-- We go to a local Donut Shop, and get a donut and something to drink.Then we go to Petco to pick up some calming tablets for our dog. What with all the summer thunderstorms lately, she was out of them. This was followed by a visit to Dollar Tree, and a couple of other stops

12NOON-- We have lunch at Noodles and Company. I can't. Recall the name of the dish but we both ordered spaghetti noodles with chicken, mushrooms, fresh spinach, and diced tomatoes. Last stop in Stillwater is their Braums to load my gift card.

1:45-- Home. We check the mail, let the dog out, and put stuff away. Then we sit down to rest for a while and watch a couple of episodes of "Texas Flip and Move". Naturally we fall asleep.

4PM-- I get supper started (spaghetti and meatballs). While the sauce simmers, I work on a few zentangles.

6PM-- I boil the spaghetti and make a couple of salads and we have supper. We watch the news. Afterward I take a shower. Then we watch "The West Wing" on Netflix until around 10ish. The DH decides to get ready for bed, so I play around with YouTube for a little while, and then come on to bed around a quarter till 11, then I go to bed too.
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8:15AM--Woke up and had some breakfast, turned on GMA. Checked the bank balance online; we were $1.91 overdrawn Read more... )
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Sorry to be posting this so late, but this is the first chance I've had to type up my notes. Behind cut for length and pics: Read more... )
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Just finished typing in my notes. Yesterday was rather quiet and uneventful:

7:15AM--Woke up. Made breakfast (sausage, toast and eggs for the DH, a strawberry/banana smoothie for me), watched "Good Morning America" and petted the cat.

Rest of the day behind the cut: Read more... )

March 12

Mar. 13th, 2016 01:51 pm
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7:15AM--Got up and saw the DH off to work; I'd packed his lunch the night before, so he'd let me sleep in a little. After he left I got something to eat; promptly spilled my milk all over the counter. I hope that's not a sign for the rest of the day.Read more... )


Feb. 13th, 2016 06:09 am
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(crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday)

7:45AM--Woke up. The DH was already up and awake. I got dressed, made breakfast (bacon, poached eggs and toast with homemade apple jam), and we watched GMA.

9AM--Cleaned up the kitchen, tidied up the house a little, and checked my email and my flist, and answered some. Checked the bank to make sure my paycheck came in, and updated the checkbook. Worked on a few projects to do with [livejournal.com profile] b2mem, cleaned up the top of my desk, and made sure I have all the necessary paperwork for taxes.

10:30--The DH came in from working outside, and we stripped the bed and remade it (while the animals "helped". Apparently flipping sheets is a game. First the dog was having just too much fun, so I let her outside, only then the cat came in to help!) . Then started a load of laundry and folded up some that was already done from yesterday. The DH went back outside; he was painting a couple of old worn-out wicker chairs and table. I went out to check his progress, and look over the garden. Came back in and did a little knitting.

11:30--Went to check to see if the mail came, as we were expecting the paycheck from the DH's part-time job, but it hadn't. Took out the trash and pulled out stuff for lunch. Around noon, we had lunch: leftovers, meatloaf sandwich for me, soup for the DH. While we ate, we watched one of our favorite shows on DiY network: "Barnwood Builders".That show is totally fascinating. I love the expertise of the crew and the respect and care they show for the old barns and other buildings they work on--and always learn something new when I watch it.

1:00PM--Put chicken in the crock pot for tonight's supper. Checked the mail, but his check had not come in yet, so we went ahead to go do our errands in Stillwater (this is a larger town about 25 miles from here). We went to the library, and then to make a car payment. We went to Big Lots and we picked up a set of Valentine's Day lights to put around the front door. (I already have our wreaths up, but we thought some lights might be nice.)

4PM--Got home and rested for a little bit; I read some fic, and the DH watched Westerns. About a quarter to six, I went in and finished up supper, with some noodles, salad and veggies. We watched the evening news, and then cleaned up the kitchen. Settled in to watch some more TV, a couple of episodes of "Texas Flip and Move". I did some more knitting as we watched. Then I did some more stuff on the computer.

9:30--Got ready for bed, as I have to be at work 7AM Saturday.
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8:04--Woke up, got dressed. The DH was already awake and watching the news in the living room. I went and made some breakfast for both of us (toast, bacon and eggs), and went to join him.

9AM--Showered and got dressed, tidied the house a bit, took down most of our inside Christmas decorations (except for the tree), and then did some research on the comp for a story I'm working on. The DH went out to work on cleaning the garage. Around noon, we had lunch and watched a couple of episodes of "Galavant" that we'd recorded. That show is hilarious; it reminds me of "Monty Python".

About 1PM we went out on errands; a grocery run and a stop at the pharmacy to pick up some prescription refills. Got home about 3:30 and put away the groceries. We talked about taking the tree down, but decided to wait, since we have to find something to put the tree in--its box kind of disintegrated this year. The DH watched some Westerns on TV, and I did some knitting and read some fanfic.

5:30 I made supper (steak, baked potatoes and salad) and then I knitted for a while as we watched watched an episode of "Fixer Upper" (I LOVE Chip and Joanna Gaines). I knitted for a while as we watched, until Miss Belladonna decided to get on my lap and try to grab my needles. At 8, the State of the Union Address came on, so we watched that. Honestly, I can't believe how rude and disrespectful certain members of Congress are; I mean you don't have to agree with someone to at least pretend to pay a little bit of attention.

After it was over, the DH flipped channels a bit, and I went to clean up the kitchen. Then we got ready for bed. I read a little more fanfic before I turned my light out.


Oct. 13th, 2015 09:34 am
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Here's my Monday! (cross-posted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday

7AM--Got up and made breakfast and packed a couple of sandwiches for the DH, as he's heading out to Oklahoma City for a job interview. Watched Good Morning America.

9AM--called some Rx refills in to the local pharmacy, then took a shower and got dressed. Tidied the house and started some laundry. Then I went on the computer to work on some modly duties for the archive, trying to compile the winners of the Tree and Flower Awards for the Many Paths to Tread archive. Most of the compilations were already done by my co-mod [livejournal.com profile] rhapsody11, but I had some run-off votes to add, and then I worked on formatting the announcement. OF COURSE the formatting gave me trouble.

10:30--The DH called. The interview was successful and he was on the way home. He was offered the job, but he wants to wait one more day, to see if the one he likes better (it's closer and pays a little more) comes through; but he will probably accept the OKC one. I went to Braums to drop off some of my polymer clay jewelry to a couple of my co-workers. One didn't have her money, so she said she'd pay me at the library in the evening. (I go to knitting circle at the library on Monday nights, and she takes her little girl to the chess club there.) Then I picked up our prescriptions and came home. The DH was already home. We had some lunch, watched a couple of episodes of "Love It or List It" on HGTV (mostly sleeping through them, to be perfectly honest).

1PM--I folded laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and prepared a meatloaf for supper. (I didn't put it in the oven yet, just made the loaf). Then I got back to the computer and wrestled with the announcement formatting again. About 4ish I popped the meatloaf in the oven; we'd have green peas and mashed potatoes with it.

5PM--Supper was ready, but we had to put it on hold. Our insurance agent called; the DH had put in a question: our floor furnace seems to be broken, and we wondered if maybe it might have been caused by recent earthquake activity (DARN FRACKING!! Those oil companies HAVE to know these earthquakes are their fault!) But apparently even if it is caused by earthquakes, with our deductible it's probably not worth putting in a claim. So we did not actually get to eat for nearly 20 minutes.

5:20--Ate supper and watched the ABC news. Then I got my knitting together and left the house about 6:15. (The circle starts at 6:30.) I also took my jewelry in case S. did show up.
For a while it was just me and the librarian (a good friend), and I showed her my sock loom and we talked about socks for a while. Then my co-worker and her daughter showed up. She paid for her earrings and bought another pair for her little girl. The librarian bought a small brooch. Just before the library closed, this couple came in to complain that she'd gotten a notice about parking in the library parking lot. Of course the librarian couldn't do anything about it--the city manager was trying to crack down on people parking at the library all day (for work) when they are not there as library patrons. I could tell the wife did not really want to complain, but her husband did. My poor friend had to both placate them and yet make it clear that the rule was the rule. Working with the public can be very frustrating at times, but LD. (the librarian) was cool as a cucumber.

7:50--Headed home before the library closed at eight. Watched the tail end of another "Love It or List It" episode that the DH had started, and then used the DVR to watch "Dancing with the Stars". Tonight was switch-up week (celebrities and pros switch partners for one week) and also Maxsim was a guest judge. I was really impressed with how well the contestants did with their new partners! Some terrific dancing going on; I have to say, I just love Bindi Irwin! She's just adorable, and she just wears all of her feelings out for everyone to see, and she's just radiates positivity. But I had to leave the room during her pre-dance package, because she had brought along a honking great snake to the training studio and I am dreadfully phobic about them.

When it was done, I went to the computer to work on that announcement, but still was having some trouble getting it just right, so I worked on a different thing for a different community, and then started typing up my notes.

So, the DH has headed on to bed, and I'm fixing to follow as soon as I get all of these notes typed up. Maybe I'll have time to post before I go to work in the morning.
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Yesterday was the twelfth, so time for [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday! This is cross-posted from my entry there, since the comm is locked.
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Jun. 13th, 2015 02:09 pm
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5: 45AM--Woke up early, as the DH has to leave early. He's on the last of three days of special classes he needs for his job, and the classes are in OKC. It's a little over an hour's drive. I fix him some breakfast and pack his lunch and see him off to work. Then I settle into my recliner and go back to sleep.

8AM-- Woke up, got my own breakfast, and watched the last half of "Good Morning America". Then I get dressed.

9AM--I was going to walk the dog, but it looks like the predicted rain is imminent, and I have no desire to get drenched a couple of blocks away. So instead I take Sophie with me into the back yard to check the garden. I've got bindweed growing in the cucumber bed and one of my tomatoes needs caging; luckily I have one cage left. Then I harvest some of my herbs. I sit down in the swing and watch Sophie play until the rain begins, and we come back in the house. Check my email and my flist. Make the bed and tidy up a little.

10:30AM--The rain has passed temporarily, so I decide to go run errands now while the going is good. Two bills to pay--the plumber, and the furniture store. I stop at the local video store, turn in "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies" and rent "Big Hero 6" and pick up a secondhand copy of TH:Bo5A, so next time I want to see it we won't have to rent. Stopped at Braums, picked up milk, potatoes, bread and a couple of other things.

11:45AM--Got home, put away groceries. Made myself a Caprese salad with some of the basil I harvested this morning. While I ate, I watched "Arrow" on Netflix, and then another episode afterwards. I was curious, since I've been hearing good things about it from friends.

2PM--I worked on finishing up some painted rocks I want to put in the front garden. The ones I did yesterday needed to have a few details added, and sealer, and I made one more, a mushroom. I had two rocks that fit together perfectly. I used E6000 to glue them together.

3:15PM--My son came over to return some things he'd borrowed, do some laundry, and also mow the lawn while he was here. I swiffed, and did some tidying up, and I cleaned up my mess from painting. Then I watched another episode of "Arrow". Son left about 4:45, and the DH got home about a quarter after 5.

6PM--I'd planned on having leftovers tonight, but he asked if I wanted to go out. (Silly question!) So we went to Boomerangs, a regional chain that serves diner-type food. The DH ordered the all you can eat catfish dinner and I ordered chicken-fried steak (the portion's hug, so I always have some left for the next day). I ordered brown gravy instead of white since they always put too much pepper in the white.

7:30PM--Got home; the DH was tired and not feeling well after three long days in a row, so we decided to wait on watching the movie. Instead, we watched the episode of "Brother vs Brother" we'd recorded, and then make an early night of it. While he takes shower, I'll see if I can upload the pics I took of today's projects, then head for bed myself.

Pics behind cut: Read more... )
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Here's my yesterday. (cross-posted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday) Read more... )


Jan. 13th, 2014 03:58 pm
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(Cross-posted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday)

So, here are my notes from yesterday:

7AM: The DH is sick. He was hacking and coughing most of the night, poor baby. We ended up sleeping a little later because of that. But with a cat and a dog in the house, we can't sleep too late; animals have to be fed, and the dog has to go out. So we get up. I make him sit back in his recliner, and he decides he'd better go ahead and call in to work for tomorrow. I bugged him all last week to call in and go see the doctor, but he wouldn't do it--now that it's gotten worse, he finally listens! Read more... )


Dec. 13th, 2013 07:11 am
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Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday:

Except for the having of company, it was a rather ordinary day. Glad my 'net is working this AM.

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Aug. 13th, 2013 10:42 pm
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Crossposted from[livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday. It's late, but I finally got yesterday's notes typed up.

Really, yesterday was rather boring. A lack of sleep due to thunderstorm and skittish dog, plus more storms through the day made it one for not doing a whole lot.

We got up a little later than usual, around 7-ish. I made bacon and eggs for breakfast and we ate while watching Good Morning America. Then the DH had to go to Tulsa to wrap up some things at the job he is leaving--they want to retain him as a consultant, and they want him to speak to the person who's replacing him.

After he leaves, I have plans for working on the nominations for the "Tree and Flower" awards, maybe get in some nominations myself, and perhaps even get a little writing in. I spend about 20 minutes wrestling with a slow computer, and then just as I am beginning to get somewhere, BOOM! Well, I have to get offline during that kind of weather, plus Sophie is doing her terrified "HOLD ME! SAVE ME FROM THE LOUD NOISE! dance, which involves pawing at me frantically until I sit down in my recliner and hold her. So I watch a little TV--the Food Network, read some fanfic on my Nook, and doze off a bit.

The rain and storm finally slacks off around lunchtime. I grab a sandwich and manage to get back on the computer and get some stuff done. Started some laundry. Started some bread in the bread machine. Pre-baked a couple of potatoes, so we can have twice-baked potatoes for supper. Checked the garden: four more good-sized cucumbers, another half-dozen cherry tomatoes. More asparagus beans. I don't pick those today; there will be more tomorrow--enough for a good-sized mess of beans for supper tomorrow night. My bush beans, however, don't seem to be getting any bigger. I pull an onion for supper. I harvested all the radishes a few days ago. I come back in and switch over the laundry, and start to get back on the computer.

Then the DH comes home and tells me about the consulting contract, which is a nice deal for us! We watch a little TV together, and naturally I doze off again. So does he. When we wake up it's time for him to start the grill. I stuff the potatoes and wrap them in aluminum foil, and he heats them on the grill with the steaks, while I make salad. I have a couple of bananas that will go off tomorrow if I don't use them up, so I caramelize them in a little butter and sugar, and we have them over ice cream for dessert.

We watch some more TV and go to bed early, and hope that the storms don't keep the dog awake (and thus, us too!) again--but no such luck. They start up before midnight.

TODAY was a lot more interesting. It should have been the 12th instead of yesterday.

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