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I've had a very nice quiet Easter today. I got up early--just a few minutes before six.

You see, I made something new for our outdoor Easter decorations, which we've kept fairly simple this year. I came across the idea of a Resurrection Garden, and decided to make one.

I wanted to use a terra cotta plant saucer for the base, but we didn't have one as large as I needed. I had everything else I needed. I lucked out and found a large plastic tray for .50. I used a small terra cotta pot for the tomb, and painted it grey. (I tried to paint the tray, but it was plastic, so the paint didn't stay very well.) I hot glued the pot to the tray, and then used small stones that I hot glued to make a path. I used the trimmings from some bushes to make the crosses, and hot glued them to the rim of the tray. Then I covered everything in potting soil, and dug up a little grass and moss from the yard to plant.

2017 easter dec 1

On Good Friday, I put in the two large stones, one in front of the "tomb", and put it on the front deck, as we were expecting some stormy weather.

2017 easter dec 2

This morning I went out, and moved aside the large rock in front of the "tomb" and turned the other one around: I had painted a sun, and the words "He Lives!". Then I took a little plastic angel Christmas ornament that I had hot glued to a small stone for some weight in it and placed it near the large stone. I moved the garden to the front of the yard, but we will probably bring it in tonight, since we are expecting more storms.

Kept all the other decorations fairly simple; hung a few plastic eggs on the redbud tree...

2017 easter dec 3

And an oldie--I made this probably around 2003 or '04, while I still worked at Michaels. The ears don't stand up well anymore and the whiskers are kind of hard to straighten out, but I'm kind of fond of it. We also put some pink lights around the screen door.

2017 easter dec 4

It was so cool to get up early today. Last night the DH and I watched Harvey--an old movie we hadn't re-watched in way too long (if you've never seen it, treat yourself. Jimmy Stewart at his self-deprecating charming best). So the TV was still on TCM when we got up, and there was Godspell! We hadn't seen that in even longer! I had forgotten just how joyful it was, and it put me in a good frame of mind to go to church.

The service was lovely, with lots of my favorite Easter hymns. The church was packed, since lots of folks had company, and the sermon was really thoughtful. We had a quiet afternoon, just the two of us, as our son wasn't able to make it this time. I had time to do some writing today, finished my poem for this month's Challenge, and worked a little on "Concerning the Shire". We had ham for supper, and it's made lots of leftovers.

We're watching ST:DS9 right now, then we'll probably go to bed and try to get some sleep before the storms move in and Sophie wakes us up.
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7:10AM--Woke up. Fed the animals, made breakfast (actually re-heated it: we had pancakes for supper last night, and there were plenty of leftovers this morning). After breakfast we watched the news, sort of. We aren't getting "Good Morning America" or any other ABC shows right now, since they are in negotiation with DISH. We actually kind of flipped around. I don't care much for the news teams on the other networks, and neither does the DH. Anyway, we cut it off before it was over, and I checked the bank to make sure our Social Security checks had been deposited overnight (of course they had, but I always check anyhow). Then I checked my emails.

Read more... )
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Back to Middle-earth Month 2017 Banner I Completed My Path

March is over and so is this year's Back to Middle-earth Month. This year's theme was a gameboard, with several paths to the center in order to "win" the game; I chose the Purple Path, and managed to complete it. Below is a round-up of my entries. Most are fanfic, but there is some non-fic, one artwork, and a recs list thrown in, as well as my "Act of Kindness", in which I offered to answer questions for people.

Full Moon The Man-in-the-Moon visits an old friend at a Merry Old Inn in Bree, while his doggy friends worry at home. (A Roverandom/LotR crossover, with a hint of Silm thrown in.)
The Rise and Fall of a Tyrant Lotho Sackville-Baggins was destined to grow up to rule the Shire...for a while. (A twelve drabble set)
The Advantages of Insomnia Bilbo spends a sleepless night in literary endeavor.
Concerning the Shire, Part One Tolkien gives us a lot of information about the society of the Shire, but only some of the particulars. Coming up with details is up to the author of the fanfic; here are a few of mine. (Part 1/?)
Concerning the Shire, Part Two: Education Tolkien gives us a lot of information about the society of the Shire, but only some of the particulars. Coming up with details is up to the author of the fanfic; here are a few of mine. (Part 2/? It will be continued.)
"Ungoliant and the Two Trees" Ungoliant attacks Laurelin and Telperion. (Art, mixed media)
Beyond the Dreams of Avarice "Bilbo went to sleep with that [song] in his ears, and it gave him very uncomfortable dreams. It was long after the break of day, when he woke up."-The Hobbit, "An Unexpected Party"- A drabble.
A Night By the High Hay Merry and Pippin take their sons on a camping expedition, and have an encounter.
Oldies But Goodies Rec list. These are works from authors who are either no longer in the fandom, or no longer write in the fandom very often.
Good husbandmen must moile & toile... Sam discovers much of the Gaffer's folk wisdom actually comes from a very old book.
Fruit and Flower Of the Sun and the Moon, in fifty-five words. (A dribble)
She Who Watches Adamanta knows that her time with her great-grandchildren will come to an end one day, and she must make the most of her time.
Rainy Day at Bag End Young Merry and Pippin are visiting Bag End, and face a dark and stormy morning.
Day After Day a Good Day Each part of the day has its own special blessings. (A four drabble set)
How May I Help You? I'll answer any question I can that will be helpful to the questioner in regards to the fandom. (This offer remains open even after B2MEM is over.)
The Perils of Perfection An essay on getting past the idea that your fanwork has to be "perfect."

Back to Middle-earth Month 2017 Banner I Completed My Path

I also found time to write and post a story for the [livejournal.com profile] lotr_community March Challenge, which was h/c with a particular herb assigned as the prompt.

Now I hope to find time to look at all the [livejournal.com profile] b2mem entries I didn't have time for during the month.

But first I have to get some seedlings out in the garden this afternoon, plus write up the minutes for the Friends of the Library, to which I somehow ended up as secretary. Also need to find today's Lent post and go to Knitting Circle this evening.

I hope everyone's having as pretty a day as we are!
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(Cross-posted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday

I totally missed out on January and February! But I'm back, now!

March 12, 2017

We woke up at 5AM today, since this is a work weekend for the DH. Got up, packed his lunch (prepared the evening before). Fed the cat while he took care of the dog. Made breakfast for him, but I wasn't in the mood for a cooked breakfast, and got myself some cereal instead. Losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time made me a bit more out of it than I usually am in the mornings. Read more... )
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(Cross-posted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday)

7:50--Woke up; let the dog out and fed the cat and dog; made breakfast (grits, maple sausage, poached eggs and toast. This past month we are trying a new thing--having our daily devotions after breakfast instead of after supper. So we ate at the dining room table and then had our devotions. Read more... )
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Well, yesterday was good.

1. I got the chance to work on some crafts I've been planning.
2. I found a YouTube video that taught me how to make simple wire bails for jewelry.
3. The house was open to the lovely weather all day long.
4. Someone bought our old king-sized bed and frame for $75.
5. We went out to Sonic for dessert, and brought home Sonic Blasts: an oreo one for me and an M&M one for the DH.

And today was great!

1. Payday. Our small paychecks from our part time jobs.
2. We had errands to run in Stillwater, so we had lunch at McDonald's on the way. We had a coupon for a BOGO on any large sandwich, so the DH had a Big Mac and I had a Quarter Pounder. We skipped the fries, and just had medium drinks to go with them.
3. Candy! We used the remainder of our "bed money" to buy Halloween Candy at Big Lots, along with 2 packs of glow sticks for some of our decorations on Halloween night. We also found a lost gift card for Lowe's in the parking lot. The DH called, and it was a valid card worth $6.50. There was no way to find out who it belonged to...
4. So, we went to Lowe's and he was able to pick up an item he needed for his bottle hobby, and still has .80 left on it.
5. We got home and found a message on the answering machine: MY CAR IS FIXED!!!!! We can pick up my car on Monday!

Now, from [livejournal.com profile] claudia603, a meme I swiped--

One word meme:Read more... )
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Well, I did have a nice weekend and Monday.

1. I finally finished the main body of my crocheted tunic-blouse. Now all that is left are the sleeves!

crocheted bodice 2

2. Saturday I had to work. It was a good day--busy, as the truck came and it was only two of us instead of three. But I saw several customers I hadn't seen in a while.

3. We lit up our Halloween decorations. I took some pics, but they didn't come out too good. I'll try another night. But the lights looked great!

4. Sunday was church. I was finally able to give the preacher her wedding gift. The sermon was a wonderful sermon on prayer, and it really was helpful.

5. Also on Sunday, KathyG. and I made a lot more progress on our co-written story.

6. Monday was errand day in Stillwater. After we did the "have-tos" we stopped by Hastings bookstore; it's been closing, and was down to 70% to 90% off! I got four books for less than seven dollars. Two of them were under a dollar, one was two, and the other three.

7. Found ear tips for my hobbit lass costume for Halloween!

Today we did some housework early this morning, and then got to "play" a bit with our respective hobbies. We almost had a disaster--the DH lost his wallet--but it turned into a happy when we finally found it.

Tonight is the last debate. I think I will feel relieved when it's over. I seem to be a day ahead of myself.
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1. I got a challenge up for October at the [livejournal.com profile] lotr_community! I was so upset that I did not get one up for September! I hope people will like this one! Very fitting for October.

2. Finally got to make my pickled cherry tomatoes.

10 14 16 tomatoes 1

These are all the ripe ones we had left, but we still have quite a lot of cherry tomatoes still on the vine!

3. We finished getting our Halloween decorations up! There are a few things we will wait until Halloween eve to put out, like our noisy ones and our animated ones, and we have some ideas for some new homemade ones.

4. I made something new for supper, a recipe I found in "Cooking Light" at the library: Black-eyed Pea Cakes with Corn Salsa and Sautéed Tomato and Onion KaleSpinach (Because I didn't have any kale and I like spinach better.) I accompanied the Pea Cakes, Corn Salsa and the Sautéed Spinach with a couple of small baked sweet potatoes.
It was a delicious meatless meal! And I think it would be perfect for New Year's Day!

BTW, I've been planning to post some pics of our sweet potato harvest.

These were harvested first:

10 14 16 sweet potatoes 1

A couple of weeks later:
10 14 16 sweet potatoes 2

This week (a couple of weeks after the previous harvest):

10 14 16 sweet potatoes 3

That's all of them!

5. This happy is really from yesterday, but it still makes me happy today (I couldn't resist watching it again), so for those of you who have yet to see it, Michelle Obama's speech in New Hampshire:

I love this woman so much--she is the best First Lady of my lifetime, and I go back to Eisenhower. Her classiness, strength and high standards are amazing.
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(Crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday)

7:30AM--Woke up and got dressed to go out to breakfast. Read more... )
I'm also going to append my "five daily happy things" to this post.

1. Eating breakfast out. It's a lot of fun, and Boomerang has good food, and they play "Golden Oldies" from the 50s, 60s and early 70s.
2. Getting to see some of my customers that I rarely see when I am only working on the weekend. They all seem pleased to see me, and I enjoy talking to them, especially when they are only coming mostly one at a time. I think I only had a line twice today, and not more than three or four customers in the line. (On Sat. or Sun. it's not unusual for there to be seven or eight, and several lines through my shift.)
3. About 40 pounds of sweet potatoes as our total harvest. Many are small, but there are several that weigh between a half-pound to a pound each! They are going to be SO good this winter!
4. We got letters from Social Security explaining last week's post-adjust. Apparently they underestimated just what they owed us which is why the extra checks, and best of all--our usual payments will increase substantially as of next month.
5. Right now we are watching the most BEAUTIFUL nature documentary from the BBC: Enchanted Kingdom. It's a really gorgeous view of stunning scenery and animals, with uplifting joyous music--there are places where it reminds me of a live-action version of "The Lion King" with real animals. I HIGHLY recommend it! It just makes me so happy to just look at it--I could easily watch it over and over.

Lagniappe: A call from our son. He had lost his job in Stillwater, due to the owner (and his boss) retiring because of poor health. But he's moved back to Cushing, since he and his girlfriend have mended things between them, and has a new job here in town--at Boomerang! LOL!

We aren't quite ready for bed yet, but it won't be long, so I think I'm going to go ahead and post this anyway.
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I don't count the weekend, because I was too busy to count. So let's start with Monday.

1. Updates by three of my favorite authors at Stories of Arda.
2. We found a pretty Queen sized brass headboard at a local second hand/antiques store. It was going for $85, but the owner is letting us have it for $50 because we've been good customers over the years.
3. We went to Stillwater on our usual Monday errands, and also we found fall flowers: we picked up two 4-gallon mums, one yellow and one light rust, and two 4" mums in dark rust and white, and four 4" pansies, in white, light and dark purple and orange. I also picked up jelly jars to make cherry tomato pickles.
4. I finished the body of my crocheted blouse and am working on the border. I will soon be on the sleeves.
5. I went to knitting circle.

And today (Tuesday)

1. The DH and I quickly knocked out our morning housework, and went to pay for our new headboard. The owner's husband will deliver it tonight.
2. I picked up some groceries, and found two (only two left) 4-ounce juice glasses! My other two have been broken for a while, but it's hard to find glasses in that size. AND they are blue, which goes with our kitchen color scheme.
3. My co-writer and I made a LOT of progress on our "12 walkers" AU today. I thought her idea was wild when she proposed it, but I actually think it's going to be pretty good. The premise really does sound cracky, but it's not turning out that way.
4. We got out all the Halloween decorations. One of our homemade ones needs a little refurbishment, but the rest are in good shape. All our noisemakers and animated ones are working just fine! It's going to be fun getting them up this week.
5. We had tacos for supper. I cooked about three pounds of ground beef, saved some of it for the tacos and divided the rest up for the freezer. And I picked up some crunchy shells for myself at the store, since the DH can only eat soft ones, and we already had those.
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I felt SO much better today, which was also a good thing, because we were busy.

1. A couple of years ago we purchased a new mattress/box springs. Lately it became very uncomfortable, so the DH called the store to see if they would honor their warranty. They asked us for a couple of pictures which we emailed. We were pleasantly surprised when they said certainly we were entitled to return our old one. They gave us a generous credit. We went into Tulsa today and picked out a nice one, even more comfortable than the other was originally, but less expensive, so we had enough credit left to cover the delivery fee, and even a little more.
2. Afterward we had a delicious lunch at Golden Corral. It's been years since ate at one. I loved how fresh and varied the salad bar was. And they had chicken livers! Yum!
3. Then we dropped in at JoAnn's, and I picked up some craft items; two of them were on sale 40% off, and I had an online coupon for 40% off on one non-sale item, for a savings of almost $6.00 on an originally $20.00 purchase!
4. We had pizza for supper, with double mushrooms.
5. I only have two more rounds on the body of my crocheted tunic. I can probably start on the sleeves tomorrow.

Five Happys

Oct. 3rd, 2016 09:40 pm
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I wasn't sure I'd have a post today. I was sick much of last night, and still felt crummy this morning, so I pretty much slept in my recliner until around noon. BUT some good things did happen!

1. I checked the bank online and was shocked to see two rather substantial DEPOSITS from SS. It wasn't our regular SS checks, those don't come until next Wednesday. It was something called post-adjust. Still, it added up to over $200.00! That was really needed, since we were going to be broke until Friday when our paychecks from work come in.
2. My wonderful DH! While I was feeling so bad, he changed the bed, dusted the floor and mopped, washed the dishes and did the laundry!
3. When I wasn't sleeping, I was watching YouTube: Eowyn is on WatchMoJo's list of top ten movie princesses, along with Buttercup!
4. "Dancing with the Stars" had a Cirque de Soleil theme tonight!
5. Cherry Limeade sherbert. Enough said.

I am still a wee bit under the weather, but I think a good night's sleep will help to set me right.
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1. We have morning glories in our backyard:

10 1 16 morning glories

2. We are continuing to harvest cherry tomatoes:

10 1 16 cherry tomatoes

3. Good news: we are going to be able to get a new mattress, as the one we have has not held up to the warranty. If we go back to a queen size, we will actually have enough credit to include delivery. (And we will have more room in our room!)

4. I saw several customers this morning that I had not seen in a long while. It was nice to see them doing well.

5. Today is Caturday and I have a cat:

10 1 16 caturday

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1. I finished a really great book! Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads. It's a graphic novel by Nick Hayes, a biography of sorts about Woody's life up until the forties, but it's more than just that--the art is perfect for the telling of those difficult times (all browns and sepia tones, with an angular style that just fits), but the prose is beautiful and lyrical even when speaking of dreadful fires or horrible dust storms or the horrible crushing poverty of the average people of those times. It resonates greatly with today. I HIGHLY recommend it!
2. The DH and I watched "Zootopia" tonight on Netflix. What a delightful and fun movie!
3. We harvested more sweet potatoes today. So far I think we've gotten about 8 pounds. We still have about a third of the bed left to harvest.
4. I finished working on my sewing/craft room today. I do have a couple of boxes to sort through left, but they are now all tidy and stacked in a corner, along with a box that will go to a thrift store on Tues. (Around here all the thrift stores are closed Mondays).
5. We had homemade vegetable soup, along with cornbread and for me, buttermilk to drink, for supper tonight. I do believe that's one of my favorite meals.
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1. Another good weather today. We had the A/C off almost the entire day, and the front door open to the screen porch. I even had the windows open in my sewing room.
2. While working on my sewing room, I found some things I thought were lost, such as the lovely malachite beads I won for my embroidery at my first SCA event. I forgot that I had put them in a safe place after the string broke, so I could restring them.
3. It's confirmed: the accident was actually the other person's fault, so we don't have to pay a deductible.
4. Who knew "The Greatest American Hero" fanfic was a thing? *grin*
5. We harvested two more pints of cherry tomatoes today. I see pickled cherry tomatoes in the near future.
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I've decided to jump on the five good things bandwagon with many of my friends:

1. The weather today was absolutely gorgeous: cool this morning and a high of only 80F.
2. We got to Stillwater to pick up the police report without any mishap. Plus, when we found out how much a fax would cost ( O_0 ), the DH called Geico. They gave us the name of a local agent who could send it for us for no cost!
3. I only have about eight rows left on the body of my tunic-blouse that I am crocheting, and then I can get on to the sleeves and the trim!
4. I hung new blinds in one set of my sewing room windows. And I got a lot of progress made with my cleaning and organizing in there.
5. Best for last: for supper tonight we had HOMEGROWN BAKED SWEET POTATOES along with our baked chicken strips and salad with HOMEGROWN TOMATOES for supper tonight! We've never grown sweet potatoes before--these were grown from slips grown from ordinary grocery store sweet potatoes. These were delicious, and we still have about three-quarters of the little bed we made to still dig up.

BONUS: Today I also got my $10 gift card for Walmart in the mail. Four times a year I do this climate survey for OSU, and then they send me a $10 gift card! Couldn't have come at a better time, since we are low on funds right now.
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Mondays are the day the DH and I run errands in Stillwater. It looked to be a wonderful day; the weather was wonderful, and we lazed around in the morning and had an early lunch of leftover meatloaf. And then we drove into Stillwater. We stopped at Olive Garden, where the DH picks up the empty bottles for his hobby, and we went to Starbucks to pick up coffee grounds for the garden, dropped off some books at the library and then stopped at Walmart. The DH needed weedeater string, and I had a few grocery items to pick up. We thought that would be easier than having to go back out to the Walmart in Cushing after we got home.

I found what we needed and we got in the car to come home, and that's when the unexpected happened...Read more... )
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I woke up last night out of a sound sleep as sick as I could be.

Cut for unpleasant TMI: Read more... )

I still don't know what caused it, whether a bug or something I ate.
Anyhow, I do feel better now, though very tired still. But I feel like I wasted a whole day.

I hope I'll have more energy tomorrow, though.
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We got a small insurance check in the mail this morning, and so we headed out to do some errands and put it in the bank. The hardware store was closest, so we went there first. But when we opened the car doors, the check just blew away! My husband chased after it, but it kept on blowing, and he couldn't catch it, and then he couldn't see it anymore. He searched as much as he could in the lumberyard, and then told one of the employees about it, just on the off chance it would turn up. Then we went home, and I was quite upset because I thought it was my fault it got lost--I was the one who had placed the mail on the dash, not thinking of the wind when the doors opened.

We thought it was lost forever, but we just got a call from the hardware store: they found it! So I hurried over to pick it up. Thankfully it's only a few blocks from our house.

So now I am back and thanking the Lord for a small miracle!
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(crossposted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday

6AM--Woke up. The DH has an appointment at 8:30 to get his tires rotated and the oil changed at the dealer in Stillwater (Free tire rotation came with the tires when he bought them, and he has a coupon for oil change). I make breakfast (sausages and toast) and then we feed the pets, get dressed, clean up the kitchen, make the bed and tidy a few things up. We are out the door by 7:45.

First we stop and get gas in the car, and head on out. I brought my crocheting with me, so I work on it as we go.

8:15-- We get there a little early, and wait in the waiting room. I work on my crocheting, and we watch some news on the Olympics on the TV in the lobby. After a while my fingers get tired, so I put my blouse that I'm working on away and take out my iPad. The dealer has free WiFi, so I read a really well-done HP/Narnia crossover.

9:45-- They finished with the car, so we go to the Stillwater library. I browse the stacks for a while and find a few books to check out.

10:30-- We go to a local Donut Shop, and get a donut and something to drink.Then we go to Petco to pick up some calming tablets for our dog. What with all the summer thunderstorms lately, she was out of them. This was followed by a visit to Dollar Tree, and a couple of other stops

12NOON-- We have lunch at Noodles and Company. I can't. Recall the name of the dish but we both ordered spaghetti noodles with chicken, mushrooms, fresh spinach, and diced tomatoes. Last stop in Stillwater is their Braums to load my gift card.

1:45-- Home. We check the mail, let the dog out, and put stuff away. Then we sit down to rest for a while and watch a couple of episodes of "Texas Flip and Move". Naturally we fall asleep.

4PM-- I get supper started (spaghetti and meatballs). While the sauce simmers, I work on a few zentangles.

6PM-- I boil the spaghetti and make a couple of salads and we have supper. We watch the news. Afterward I take a shower. Then we watch "The West Wing" on Netflix until around 10ish. The DH decides to get ready for bed, so I play around with YouTube for a little while, and then come on to bed around a quarter till 11, then I go to bed too.

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