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7:50--Woke up; let the dog out and fed the cat and dog; made breakfast (grits, maple sausage, poached eggs and toast. This past month we are trying a new thing--having our daily devotions after breakfast instead of after supper. So we ate at the dining room table and then had our devotions. Read more... )
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We had a terrific Halloween!

I spent most of the day putting up the finishing touches on my hobbit lass costume. Read more... )
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(Cross-posted from [livejournal.com profile] monthlydiaryday

8:15AM--Woke up and had some breakfast, turned on GMA. Checked the bank balance online; we were $1.91 overdrawn Read more... )
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OK, I posted some garden picspam from the backyard the other day. So, here's some new pics of what we've done in the front.

First up: my little "hobbit garden"

6 15 16 hobbit garden2

Rest of pics behind cut: Read more... )
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Well, it's been a while since I have made a garden post, so I thought I'd make one today. Lots of pics behind the cut. Read more... )


May. 28th, 2016 10:24 pm
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Finally I can post some of the pics I have taken of Miss Belladonna for Caturday!
Picspam behind the cut Read more... )
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Well, I gave up on Photobucket, and tried Flickr for my pics. I had completely forgotten that I had an account there from back when I was part of Fandom 'n' Stitches quilt project. (Hope I can finish that sometime.)

So, a few pics behind the cut. A couple of pet pics and some garden spam:
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Sep. 28th, 2015 05:04 pm
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The other day the DH and I were at the OK State Fair, and were looking at some of the exhibits by the FFA (Future Farmers of America): along with vegetables and livestock, there were more creative exhibits in woodworking, floral design, needlework, and...pumpkin decorating.

Most of my pictures did not come out, sadly, but one that did just begged to have a bit of commentary added. Behind a cut, in case anyone on my flist is a fan of the current Republican front-runner (at least the last time I looked he still was). Read more... )
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Here is Miss Belladonna Took on one of her very favorite sitting places: our cable box!

Miss Belladonna dvr

This has some disadvantages. If she is just sitting, or she is laying on it facing us, no problem. But when she turns her back, it hangs over the front a little bit, preventing us from being able to change channels, pause, or adjust the volume. The DH has taken to squirting her with the "don't scratch the furniture water bottle" which makes her move a little bit. Also occasionally on her journey to her favorite spot, she will step on the buttons on the Blu-ray player and open the disc tray.

Once, in an effort to get her not to sit on the cable box, the DH rearranged the mantel, and placed the cable box between the DVR and the Blu-ray player. Shortly after that, we saw her on the mantel using her paw to try and get the cable box out of the middle! I can just imagine if she had knocked it out. It probably would have knocked all three pieces of equipment on the floor. I could just see us trying to explain that to the cable company!

So, we've pretty much learned to live with it. I don't know why she loves it so much, unless it's just because it's small and square and warm, LOL!
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Remember in this post I said I wanted to try this project next? Well, I did. Pics behind the cut:Read more... )


Jun. 13th, 2015 02:09 pm
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5: 45AM--Woke up early, as the DH has to leave early. He's on the last of three days of special classes he needs for his job, and the classes are in OKC. It's a little over an hour's drive. I fix him some breakfast and pack his lunch and see him off to work. Then I settle into my recliner and go back to sleep.

8AM-- Woke up, got my own breakfast, and watched the last half of "Good Morning America". Then I get dressed.

9AM--I was going to walk the dog, but it looks like the predicted rain is imminent, and I have no desire to get drenched a couple of blocks away. So instead I take Sophie with me into the back yard to check the garden. I've got bindweed growing in the cucumber bed and one of my tomatoes needs caging; luckily I have one cage left. Then I harvest some of my herbs. I sit down in the swing and watch Sophie play until the rain begins, and we come back in the house. Check my email and my flist. Make the bed and tidy up a little.

10:30AM--The rain has passed temporarily, so I decide to go run errands now while the going is good. Two bills to pay--the plumber, and the furniture store. I stop at the local video store, turn in "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies" and rent "Big Hero 6" and pick up a secondhand copy of TH:Bo5A, so next time I want to see it we won't have to rent. Stopped at Braums, picked up milk, potatoes, bread and a couple of other things.

11:45AM--Got home, put away groceries. Made myself a Caprese salad with some of the basil I harvested this morning. While I ate, I watched "Arrow" on Netflix, and then another episode afterwards. I was curious, since I've been hearing good things about it from friends.

2PM--I worked on finishing up some painted rocks I want to put in the front garden. The ones I did yesterday needed to have a few details added, and sealer, and I made one more, a mushroom. I had two rocks that fit together perfectly. I used E6000 to glue them together.

3:15PM--My son came over to return some things he'd borrowed, do some laundry, and also mow the lawn while he was here. I swiffed, and did some tidying up, and I cleaned up my mess from painting. Then I watched another episode of "Arrow". Son left about 4:45, and the DH got home about a quarter after 5.

6PM--I'd planned on having leftovers tonight, but he asked if I wanted to go out. (Silly question!) So we went to Boomerangs, a regional chain that serves diner-type food. The DH ordered the all you can eat catfish dinner and I ordered chicken-fried steak (the portion's hug, so I always have some left for the next day). I ordered brown gravy instead of white since they always put too much pepper in the white.

7:30PM--Got home; the DH was tired and not feeling well after three long days in a row, so we decided to wait on watching the movie. Instead, we watched the episode of "Brother vs Brother" we'd recorded, and then make an early night of it. While he takes shower, I'll see if I can upload the pics I took of today's projects, then head for bed myself.

Pics behind cut: Read more... )
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Here's my evening post! I ran some errands this morning and then came home and had lunch, did a little more polymer clay, and then cleaned house some more. I wanted everything done before the weekend, since we have plans for Saturday, and I work Sunday.

More pics behind the cut:
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At last I got my phone camera to talk to my computer!
Here there be pics!Read more... )
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It's been a long time since I made a post. I am determined to start posting more often, and am going to try to make a post every day this month.

However here it is almost bedtime, and I had yet to post. So have a pic of Miss Belladonna Took on our front porch.

Bella 1

Also, finally finished and posted my [livejournal.com profile] lotr_community fic, Nothing So Mortifying, in which Frodo helps Merry through a difficult time. It's a day late, but at least it's done!

I hope to be a little more informative tomorrow!
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Flowers the DH picked for me, in the kitchen window:

Flowers in a vase Read more... )

Last Night

Nov. 1st, 2013 11:24 am
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We had a record Halloween! Kids just kept coming and coming, brought in by the carload, the truckload, and even the trailer-load (Someone had made a kind of Halloween float on a flatbed, decorated it with "gravestones" and put a fog machine and a bubble machine on it, and then loaded it up with kids.) Our son's girlfriend came by with her kids for a while. There were some really adorable little ones, and it was a blast seeing how many of the parents dressed up to take their kids around. The best was a parent dressed as the "Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man" from Ghostbusters and two kids dressed up as the Ghostbusters, complete with proton packs! We had loads of compliments on our decorations from parents and kids, and at least three of the kids told us we had the "coolest house in town"!

Picspam behind the cut:
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I've FINALLY figured out how to post these pics!

Here's some veggie pics: )
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Here are some more pics of our decorations this year: Read more... )

In other news--Monday we got a nice surprise in the mail. A check for $85 from the electric co-op we belonged to in Mississippi! We did not expect to get one this year--but apparently they had more than 5 years worth of dividends to send us! (They hold the first few years, but we both thought it was 5 years, which would have made last year's check the last one--but apparently not! He says he thinks they may have held the first ten years; that would be cool, as it means we'd get them for another 4 years..)

Yesterday we went to Stillwater and did a little Christmas shopping. I picked up a few stocking stuffers, and the DH got one of my gifts--he needed me to pick it out, as it is a new desk chair! I'd been needing one badly, but it was not on my Christmas list, so I was quite surprised when we stopped at Staples and he made me go and sit in chairs, LOL!

I plan to finish my hobbit feet and my costume alterations today, and whip up a cloak for the DH. Tomorrow if I have time, I will make him a Gandalf hat.

Tomorrow night!!!!! *grin* I am so excited! Our son also decided to go with us, so we will pick him up on the way.

"Far over Misty Mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old..."
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I meant to make this post a week ago, but didn't get to upload my pictures any sooner. Last week the DH and I did our Christmas decorations. Read more... )


Dec. 8th, 2012 09:47 pm
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Since it's Caterday, and I just happened to catch Miss Belladonna in an unguarded moment last night...

December stuff 005

December stuff 004

And then today I caught Sophie in the same pose!

December stuff 007

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