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I've had a very nice quiet Easter today. I got up early--just a few minutes before six.

You see, I made something new for our outdoor Easter decorations, which we've kept fairly simple this year. I came across the idea of a Resurrection Garden, and decided to make one.

I wanted to use a terra cotta plant saucer for the base, but we didn't have one as large as I needed. I had everything else I needed. I lucked out and found a large plastic tray for .50. I used a small terra cotta pot for the tomb, and painted it grey. (I tried to paint the tray, but it was plastic, so the paint didn't stay very well.) I hot glued the pot to the tray, and then used small stones that I hot glued to make a path. I used the trimmings from some bushes to make the crosses, and hot glued them to the rim of the tray. Then I covered everything in potting soil, and dug up a little grass and moss from the yard to plant.

2017 easter dec 1

On Good Friday, I put in the two large stones, one in front of the "tomb", and put it on the front deck, as we were expecting some stormy weather.

2017 easter dec 2

This morning I went out, and moved aside the large rock in front of the "tomb" and turned the other one around: I had painted a sun, and the words "He Lives!". Then I took a little plastic angel Christmas ornament that I had hot glued to a small stone for some weight in it and placed it near the large stone. I moved the garden to the front of the yard, but we will probably bring it in tonight, since we are expecting more storms.

Kept all the other decorations fairly simple; hung a few plastic eggs on the redbud tree...

2017 easter dec 3

And an oldie--I made this probably around 2003 or '04, while I still worked at Michaels. The ears don't stand up well anymore and the whiskers are kind of hard to straighten out, but I'm kind of fond of it. We also put some pink lights around the screen door.

2017 easter dec 4

It was so cool to get up early today. Last night the DH and I watched Harvey--an old movie we hadn't re-watched in way too long (if you've never seen it, treat yourself. Jimmy Stewart at his self-deprecating charming best). So the TV was still on TCM when we got up, and there was Godspell! We hadn't seen that in even longer! I had forgotten just how joyful it was, and it put me in a good frame of mind to go to church.

The service was lovely, with lots of my favorite Easter hymns. The church was packed, since lots of folks had company, and the sermon was really thoughtful. We had a quiet afternoon, just the two of us, as our son wasn't able to make it this time. I had time to do some writing today, finished my poem for this month's Challenge, and worked a little on "Concerning the Shire". We had ham for supper, and it's made lots of leftovers.

We're watching ST:DS9 right now, then we'll probably go to bed and try to get some sleep before the storms move in and Sophie wakes us up.
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Well, this has been an...interesting...morning.

As I've mentioned before, we had been having plumbing problems. Today the plumbers came to replace the sewer line beneath the house, a noisy and stinky process. At some point while they were here, I put some eggs on to boil. Then, because my brain is still foggy from being sick, I forgot. Because of the sewer stink, I did not notice the smell when they started to scorch after the pan boiled dry. I did, however, hear when they began to explode! There was exploded boiled egg all over the kitchen!

I am feeling better today, but whatever laid me out last week is still lingering, and my head still feels like it's wrapped in cotton.

The plumbers finished, and I am waiting to get a call about how much it has cost us. It was not covered by the home warranty. As much as that was a big help our first few years here, the last few repairs we needed, we could not get them to cover. We've about decided to drop them.

But I was able to do a load of laundry AT HOME! :)

OTOH, I've been uploading some chapters of "Eleventy-one" at AO3, and was able to add the nice banner [livejournal.com profile] baranduin made for me! I felt quite accomplished when I figured out how to do that! I'm going to add it over at MPTT next!

eleventy one young bilbo

I'm going to have some lunch now that the house doesn't smell so bad, and then depending on how I feel, I will either do some writing or take a nap.
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Dairy for the Twelfth

July 12, 2013

We woke up this morning at our usual time of 6:30, me with some lingering thoughts of an odd dream that seems to be recurring recently. I dream I am in some place with a lot of stuff, like a junk store or a flea market, but there is so much of it everywhere it's like an endless maze. I usually seem to be searching for a particular item, but never finding it.

And I don't know if this was another dream, or simply a disturbing and unwanted plot bunny: what if Merry had lost his barrow-blade on the battlefield before he and Eowyn encountered the Witch-king?Read more... )

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